Woodrow Wilson Leadership School

The Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (WWLS) is a conference held in odd-numbered years. Participants learn and grow together with Brothers from all across the country through large group sessions and officer-specific tracks focusing on several topical areas. Participants explore the intricacies of their respective positions during the conference. This past summer, participants travelled to Omaha, Nebraska for the event.

Rather than chapters sending one or two members only, chapters are expected to send five specific representatives: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Recruitment/Rush Chairman, the Fraternity Educator, or the Social Chair/Risk Management Chair. There are six tracks; chapters need to fill five of them. If one of the chapter officers is not able to attend, substitutions are possible. The Social Chair/Risk Manager is highly recommended to take the place of an officer that has a conflict, the Finance Chairman is able to attend in the Treasurer’s stead, and a member of the respective committee can replace the Recruitment/Rush Chairman and the Fraternity Educator. Chapter Advisors are also expected to attend. An alumnus member of the Chapter Advisory Committee may replace the Chapter Advisor. Due to the nature of the material of this conference, the Executive Council is highly recommending that should one of the committee chairs not be able to attend, a new chair be appointed.

In addition, participants engage in the Fraternity’s governance by attending the District Council Meetings which are held concurrently with WWLS. Districts meet to provide updates and to elect the new Archon which will represent the District on the Executive Council for the next two years.

Leadership School is named after Woodrow Wilson Johns Hopkins 1883 (Virginia 1879). Brother Wilson is the only member of Phi Kappa Psi to hold the position of President of the United States, becoming the 28th President in 1913. Prior to serving as the President, he also served as president of Princeton University (1902-1910), governor of New Jersey (1911-1913), and is the only member to serve as president of two different chapters.